With each of our DJ’s having over 10 years’ experience we believe this is the key when considering which DJ to pick for your event. If you choose someone who hasn’t had the right experience, then this can be a recipe for disaster. We take the hassle and frustration out of guessing if your DJ will be suited to you, reputation and experience speak for themselves and cement The DJ Company’s place as the premier choice for the DJ of your school event.



We carry over 30,000 music titles, and offer a music guarantee. This means if you can supply us with a play list of songs that you definitely want to hear on the night we will guarantee you that we will endeavor to have these songs for you on the night. If for some unknown reason we cannot obtain the song we will let you know a week before your school ball (we have never come across a song yet that we have not been able to find). If you would like request to be taken on the night your DJ will be more than happy to take these



Its is our job to work with you and your guests and TUNE INTO what everyone wants to hear. Not all guests have the same taste in music, and our experience over the last 20 years has allowed us to always keep the dance floor pumping.

School Balls

Want to look back in a few years and remember your ball as the one that ‘Went Off?’,  Well, the most rockin’ and successful parties are the ones with the best music. This is where The DJ  Company  enters. Your ball will be the one that is envied by all surrounding schools with DJs from The DJ Company in charge. We have at least 20 years experience in DJ’ing Balls and Socials all over Auckland including:

  • Epsom Girls Grammer,
  • St Cuthberts,
  • St Dominics,
  • De La Soul,
  • St Peters College,
  • Mt Roskill Grammer,
  • Mt Albert Grammer,
  • Lynfield College.

With awesome sound and lights that will blow your mind, and the kind of hard pulsating hip hop, house/electro, dubstep, top 40, pop, alternative/rock, plus the classic party songs that gets your parties amp’d The DJ Company will be there to see that your ball is everything you anticipate it will be. We’ll have your dance floor pumping with the music that YOU want to hear. We know all the latest music and specialise in ‘gettin the party started!’ . Our DJ’s all have club experience along with access to some off NZ’s hottest dj’s such as DJ Sir Vere and DJ Manchoo

All our Dj’s are experienced in playing all genres of music, plus we also have access to most of NZ top leading DJ’s who will be available on request and availability.

When booking The DJ Company we actually encourage you to make up your own list of must have and must not play songs! We work with you not for you in making your ball a night to definitely remember.

School Socials

Your schools having a social? The DJ Company offers you value for you money we make sure all the kids have fun by playing the songs we know they’ll love. Not only do we play music but we also entice the kids into games that gets everyone involved, we know from experience that Kids absolutely love making dedications so we make sure that we bring a microphone so that they can ‘shout out’ to all their friends and make their night extra special. If you want we can bring a smoke machine at no extra charge as well to really get the kids into the night. From the raving reviews we’ve had from kids in schools all over Auckland you can be sure we’ll make the event the kids talk about for weeks after.


Standard School Package:
$350 + GST
Up to 3 hours of DJ services
2 x Speakers (up to 200 guests)
2 x Intelligent Lights
1 x Microphone

Suitable for most standard school socials

Deluxe School Package:
$500 + GST
Up to 4 hours of DJ services
2 x Speakers (up to 600 guests)
3 x Intelligent Lights
1 x Smoke machine
1 x Strobe light(availiable onrequest)
1 x Microphone

Suitable for most standard school socials and balls.

Ultimate School Ball Package:
$850 + GST
Up to 5 hours of DJ services
4 x double
15″Speakers (up to 800 guests)
2 x double
18″ Bass bins 4 x Intelligent Lights
1 x Smoke machine
1 x Strobe light(availiable onrequest)
1 x Microphone

Suitable for school balls, where the DJ will play music for the dancing a usually between the hours of 7pm-12am