Arrival Time?
Generally your DJ will arrive 45-30 mins to set up and will be ready to play within 10 minutes of start time. In regards to weddings the DJ will set up as early as possible on the day this will allow you to use the system for background music during dining and also the use of the microphone for announcements and speeches. The DJ will then arrive 20 minutes before the start time.

Will the Dj take requests?
We are more than happy to take requests on the night, and if the DJ feels it may not work to well with the rest of your guests, they will ask for your permission before playing it.


What will the DJ wear?
Your DJ will be dressed for the occasion; this is generally black trousers and a black collared shirt.


Will the DJ take breaks?
In a word NO the DJ comes prepared to entertain for the time required and does just that.


Who will be the DJ for our event?
We are a company of 5 DJ’s with each having over 10 years’ experience and play all genres of music., this is not a hobby for them it is a job that they thoroughly enjoy and treat as if it is their own. The benefit for having more than one DJ in our business is that if your DJ falls ill (which is never happened) you will still have the same high quality DJ who knows all the details about your event. Also it enables us to keep our DJ package prices down, as we can take more than one booking on that night, which in turn benefits our clients.


Do you travel outside the Auckland region?
Yes we are more than happy to travel as a matter of fact the majority of our weddings are outside the Auckland region. We will quote you on travel, accommodation and time.